2010 Winners

Here is a list of the winners for 2010. You can read some of these stories by clicking on the links below.

January 2010:

Aideen Henry- Oculoterra   (Read Here)

Annemarie Neary- The Exchange (Read Here)

Niamh Bagnell- White Room (Read Here)

Mary O’Shea- Enclosed Orders                                 

February 2010:

Monica Strina- The Fisherman (Read Here)

Susan O’Keeffe- The Sasanach (Read Here)

David Murray- School’s Out  (Read Here)

Megan Stack- Between the Notes

March 2010:

Brian Kirk- That Day  (Read Here)

Mark Kilroy- Alterations   (Read Here)

Tony Devlin- Coronary Care (Read Here)

Pat O’Connor- Sex for the Organism                         

April 2010:

Jan Carson- My Oldest Memory (Read Here)

Orla Price- The Butterfly House  (Read Here)

Susan Lanigan- Amazon    (Read Here)

Anne Harris- Requiem                                                                                       

May 2010:  

Cathy Sweeney- The Web  (Read Here)

Elizabeth Reapy- Moving Statues  (Read Here)

David Cahill- Until Tomorrow 

Pat O’Connor- Don’t Start Reading this Story Unless You are Sitting Down

September 2010:

Alan Bradley- They Were Here  (Read Here)

Antain MacLochlainn- Vacancy   (Read Here)

Cathy Sweeney- The Woman with Too Many Mouths  (Read Here)

October 2010:

Trisha McKinney – The Night Shift  

Laura Peters – Begging Times  (Read Here)

Niall Quinn – The Shopkeeper  (Read Here)

David Mohan – The Colour of Maps

November 2010:

Stephen Wade – The Land of the Ever Young   (Read Here)

Frances Macken – Spirit Safari  (Read Here)

Michael Donohue – Swimming Pool  (Read Here)


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  1. Pearse Murray

     /  March 21, 2012

    I have just finished reading this and the 2011 Anthology and I am truly humbled at my own effort – I said to myself “why bother trying when there is this”-I have read many many anthologies over the past few years but these are of anjunusally gifted group in dealing with their subject matter, their range of expression, their dialogie, their craft, their humour and above all the empathy that is drawn inot the characters-I recognised myself in many and know many others!
    Thank You! to all the authors.


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