2011 Winners

Here is a list of the winners for 2011. You can read some of these stories by clicking on the links below.

January 2011: 

Eddie Stack – Mr. Jones  (Read Here)

Mary Costello – Man in the Moon  (Read Here)

Liz McSkeane – Leopold’s Violin

Alan McMonagle – Bleeding Boy                   

February 2011: Michael O’Ruairc

Jamie O’Connell – On Eating Grass    (Read Here)

John O’Donnell – Away Game  (Read Here)

Paul O’Reilly – On the Way Home                

Celeste Auge – DeeDee and the Sorrows       

March 2011: Nessa O’Mahoney

Pauline Burges – The Emerald Necklace  (Read Here)

Catriona Campbell – Cacoethes Scribendi (Read Here)

Rona Fitzgerald – Chance  (Read Here)

Brian Kirk – The Bullfight                              

April 2011: Jack Harte

Celeste Auge – Mammary World  (Read Here)

Louise M. Phillips – Hello (Read Here)

Finbar Rafferty – The Tormentor (Read Here)

Patrick Fitzgerald – Nebraska  (Read Here)                          

May 2011: Catherine Dunne

Seán Ferrick – Larry  (Read Here)

Gabriel Fulcher – The Shawl  (Read Here)

Andrew Fox – Seven Steps Home (Read Here)

Mark Kilroy – Go Trigger, Go  (Read Here)

June 2011: Leo Cullen

Sarah Gilmartin – Well  (Read Here)

Orla Fay – Safa  (Read Here)

Deirdre McClay – The Good Mother (Read Here)

Guy Barriscale – Jamesy                                

July 2011: Alan Jude Moore

Ron Woods – The UI Man (Read Here)

Damian Cunniffe – A Private Smoke 

Niamh Mac Allister – Digging for Bait          

Joe McKiernan  – Leap of Faith                      

August 2011: Anthony Glavin

Ardin Lalui – 1972 Bronze Medalist   (Read Here)

Eddie Hearne – In Dreams  (Read Here)

Siobhán Mannion – Open Season  

Carmel Mc Mahon – Homo Spiritualis  (Read Here)

September 2011: Chris Binchy

Cathy Sweeney  – The Love Child   (Read Here)

Pearse Murray – History  (Read Here)

Mary Healy – The Biggest Bluest Eyes 

Colm Reynor – Them Three (Read Here)                                    

October 2011: John McKenna

Sheila Armstrong – Weeds (Read Here)

Maebh Ní Chathaláin – Forgotten Bodies

Carol Brick-Stock – The Outsider  (Read Here)

Mary Rose McCarthy – We Came Home      

November 2011: Catherine Dunne

Martina Collender – Corridor   (Read Here)

Stephen D’Arcy Collins – Creep                   

Fionnuala O’ Connor – A Memory (Read Here.)              

Armel Dagorn – A Life Misplaced  (Read Here.)                     

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