Winners Announced For May 31st Reading!


We are delighted to announce our Lonely Voice: Short Story Introductions winners for May. They are:

“The Whale” by Hugo Kelly
“Boats” by Michael Lawlor
“Euthymia” by Cathy Sweeney
“Drenched” by Trisha Mc Kinney

Thanks to our guest judge this month, Emer Martin (Breakfast in Babylon, More Bread Or I’ll Appear, Baby Zero) for choosing these stories. Emer had the following to say about her selection:

“I loved the metaphor of the whale in Hugo’s story. It was beautifully written and mysterious.
In Michael’s it was the child’s voice and their insular world that really struck me. He captured how self obsessed children are while they have an uncanny ability to pick up what’s going on.
“Euthymia” was strange and disturbing and powerfully terse.
“Drenched” had such tenderness that the violent end took me completely by surprise and was a great twist.”


Congratulations to our four winners! Don’t forget to join us on Thursday, May 31st at 7pm at the Irish Writers’ Centre to hear them read their stories. It’s a free event and everyone is welcome.


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